- PTag - 關懷原於這裡,一個混合科技與藝術的寵物名牌

What is PTag
The tag is designed by yourself with unique QR code. Anyone can scan the QR Code on PTag and find your pet eating habits and emergency contact methods, they can take care of your pet until approached owner.

Characteristics of PTag

Easy to Manage

  • Three steps registration to become PTag members. we provide pet database, including pet name, features, eating habits, health status, drug intolerance, vaccination records and address of medical consultation etc.

    If the pet is lost, someone can know your pet's eating habits and emergency contact methods with the QR Code on the PTag by QR code recognition apps.

Moblie Support

  • PTag support all mobile devices. You can use it with a OR Code scanner downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App store.


Location Services

  • When someone scan’s the QR Code on the PTag, you will receive your pet’s current location through email notifications.

Multiple Protection

  • Not only the hyperlink and QR Code of the pet profile page is engraved on each PTag, the owner's contact phone number also engraved on the PTag. People can contact the pets' owner even when there is no network coverage.

Unique Design

  • The custom edition of PTag enable you to have a unique design. You can upload your pet's photo when ordering the custom edition of PTag.

Community Boardcasting

  • Broadcasting lost pet information to thousands fans of Facebook Page immediately.
  • Pet Boys Club 寵物仔仔 Facebook Page

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